Alternative Psychotherapy Services

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Daniela M 

Richmond Mind Tuning  was founded in 2013.  I have a B.A. in Psychology – Richmond University, MSc. in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology – UCL/Anna Freud Centre, DipCHyp Pract, NLP Pract in Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Quest Institute); the author of The Potty Training Diary and Cultural Alienation in the Ageing Person (published in Psychological Thought).


Areas where I work closely as a Personal Development Coach


  • ADHD Guidance: I help people with attention deficit carry out the practical activities of  a daily life. Focusing my attention on common challenges including time management, setting up a daily routine, encouraging consistent behavior, monitoring tasks, managing emotional state, enhancing confidence, developing new skills.


  • Career Adviser: I coach my clients who are either mid-career professionals or are looking to make a transition. Helping them find what they are passionate about, what qualities and skills they have, what they would like to achieve now and in the future.


  • Health & Wellness Coaching: Providing individuals across the world with strategies to overcome health and food related problems (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic disease, depression and stress). As a Wellness coach I can help improve the overall health and productivity in a person who lacks the skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.


  • Academic exams and homework coaching: Whether your child needs homework management or is preparing for an exam or specific test, I can help them complete tasks on time, teach them to become better self-advocates, establish routines to develop skills such as focus, initiative and curiosity over time.


  • Relationship counselling: Relationship problems are one of the most common causes of unhappiness. If you believe you might be going through commitment issues, emotional disconnection, intimacy issues, uncertainty about the future, arguments and conflicts with the loved one or trust issues, please do contact me to help you resolve those.


  • Sports Coaching: Exercise is an integral part of our life as it benefits us physically and mentally. However, if you feel you might need a bit of motivation or coaching through establishing your sports regime, then do make a contact with me.


As your coach you can expect:

  • Monitoring you on a regular basis and organizing a routine.
  • Providing you with tools for personal growth and harmony.
  • Helping you achieve greater sense of your strenghts and resources.
  • Supporting you all the way through your internal conflicts and issues.

Note: My clients are both UK based and International and I either coach in person or via Skype