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you are not alone


q34-danielamaarinova-07-bluearch-1-largeDaniela Marinova

Richmond Mind Tuning  was founded in 2013 by.  I have a B.A. in Psychology – Richmond University, MSc. in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology – UCL/Anna Freud Centre, DipCHyp Pract, NLP Pract in Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Quest Institute); the author of The Potty Training Diary and Cultural Alienation in the Ageing Person (published in Psychological Thought)



What  Do I Offer?

Having spent many years studying and practicing Psychology, I became increasingly aware that every person (regardless of age or gender) needs someone who would advice, support and organize a routine that works best for them.

As a result, not only we deal better with our life, but also feel safer and more secure that we are not alone.

Having said that, I strongly believe that becoming more aware of our environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, values and identity is crucial to change whatever conflict we hold in ourselves. In that sense, as your Personal Life Coach, I can offer you my assistance and guidance in finding the right way towards that change in your life. And that includes:

  • Monitoring you on a regular basis and organizing a routine.
  • Providing you with tools for personal growth and harmony.
  • Helping you achieve greater sense of your strenghts and resources.
  • Supporting you all the way through your internal conflicts and issues.


My clients are both UK and Internationally based and I either help them in person or via Skype.