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    Sports Motivation : What Drives Athletes?

     How can they build their motivation?


sports Before you make your goals and decide what you would want to achieve, there is always this key pause in between asking yourself “What for”? This is precisely what you want to be doing if and when you decide to keep up with your daily/weekly exercise routines or doing any sport that needs consistency.

What I’m describing is the notion of feeling motivated or inspired to do the hard work when it comes to sports performance. There are many articles and research outlining the idea of motivation and how it works, or what I call the core of being and staying motivated. Motivation, simply defined, would be the driving force or the reason for wanting to achieve something, and to some degrees, sustain and improve what has been achieved.


In its essence, motivation is what makes you go to the gym, run an extra mile or sign up for a marathon. If there is a lack of motivation, the willingness to do any sports diminishes, if not disappear.


The reason motivation is so important is that it keeps athletes up and running, especially after they have established why they want to do this. So going back, asking yourself this question and finding an answer is crucial. In fact, it’s better if you get a clear idea in your head what are those one or two things that will take you to do a hard physical work on a regular basis. The reason being is that it is easier to stick to a regime and a plan, knowing why you do this.

Motivation, in itself, contributes to performance and how well you want to do the particular task. The more motivated you are, the better you perform. The degree of motivation will result in your mental and physical abilities, whether they involve using better techniques or dealing with a fatigue during a long ride.

But what motivates people to participate in sports or forms of physical activities, in general? To begin with, every person has their own reason for wanting to start and commit to exercising. The so called “extrinsic factor” explains that athletes are usually driven to succeed by outside influences, including status, praise or simply for the sake of winning. On the other hand, there is the “intrinsic motivation” which revolves around engaging in sports because it is personally rewarding, enjoyable and exciting. I personally believe that these two can, and in many cases work together to produce a strong, motivated athlete. What I mean is that it can all start from within the person wanting to really enjoy the activity, but eventually finding it even more motivational when competing with others or being cheered by friends and family, or vice versa.


In any case, motivation in sports is a crucial, a key element to be able to do sports, succeed and most importantly enjoy the process.



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