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 How Hypnotherapy Works for Sleep Problems?


Daniela is a talented Cognitive Hypnotherapist who offers her therapeutic services in South West London. Through hypnosis and the power of suggestion, she helps you overcome your problems with sleep as it can be very effective treatment for sleep problems. The process includes natural relaxing and techniques that suspend people's usual rational and logical ways of thinking and perceiving, allowing them to experience distortions insleep problems hypnotherapy perception, memories and thinking.


The expert explains that if you ever have any troubles falling asleep at night, you should be aware that your brain is too active to fall asleep. This is so, because you haven't had the ability to make a smooth transition between the active and peaceful state of mind. Hypnotherapy, however, can help you achieve this transition easily, using either positive or negative hallucination in which you will fail to perceive things that are actually present.


When you are in bed and your brain gallops between one thought or another, that means your sleep is in beta mode. The whole purpose however, is that the brain reaches alpha mode – being awake, where you are relaxed and ready to fall asleep. And this condition leads to the desired sleep – theta mode and the five phases of sleep. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this consistency in sleep pattern.


 What role is your unconscious mind playing in sleep?

The unconscious mind plays a key role in sleep. Research shows that there is a part within your mind that stores up memories, learning and habits and the automatic behaviors that you use everyday to run your life. Going to sleep requires co-operation between the two minds. The conscious mind sends out signals to the unconscious mind that it is time to sleep by making you feeling tired. Then we use our conscious mind to make sure there is no need to stay awake. If it is safe to go to sleep, you simply let the unconscious mind to take over to run the sleep program.sleep problems hypnotherapy


Daniela says: Back in the days I was one of many people who haven't had an idea that hypnotherapy was such a useful and powerful tool that could be used to better deal with sleep. It is similar to meditation, only, instead of cleaning our mind, it's planting changes in it.


 What can hypnotherapy help for?

It can be used for a variety of conditions depending on what you want to achieve with it. In general it is most used to stop cigarettes, for weight loss and to treat sleep problems. Hypnotherapy also works well to boost self-confidence, enhancing the ability to speak freely, communicate your thoughts, make interactions and socialize more.


  The power of hypnosis

People have used hypnotherapy for thousands of years. It gives positive experience to those who learn how to use their unconscious mind to go to sleep easily. Hypnotherapy is not panacea, but it can be a great natural aid to sleep. However, it is important that you visit your medical practitioner to rule out any medical conditions that cause sleep problems before using any form of psychotherapy.


Daniela Marinova is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist who specializes in helping clients overcome Anxieties, Fears, Phobias, as well as enhancing client's confidence level while taking back control of their life. She has extensive experience in this area and particularly in helping expectant moms to experience more positively the birth of their child. Get the full story and reap the rewards TODAY at