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Confident Hypnobirthing

 Confident Childbirth-Antenatal Classes

at Richmond Mind TuningTM


Join the growing number of women choosing Antenatal Classes with Richmond Confident Childbirth  for a more positive parenting and pain-free birth.

Hypnobirthing is a powerful antenatal 4-session program which offers moms-to-be flexible and positive experience of birth, no matter how it proceeds.

As fully-trained therapist I teach each mother to be more confident that "she can do this" whether she has come to me for overcoming previous traumatic birth or overcoming specific fears or anxieties about the birth that it is to come. Because I know all future moms deserve a special care and attention, I make sure all sessions are personalized and unique, not script-based.


Antenatal Classes Richmond

And I also teach moms- and /or husbands or birthing partners- all techniques and tools that our Antenatal Classes have to offer, in order to achieve this. What all my clients can expect from me is getting useful information on childbirth, what goes on inside the body around this time, and what can be done to minimize potential medical intervention to have that natural and positive experience of childbirth.

  The Birth That You Want To Be Able To Have

As I am respectful of each mom's goals, I aim to support and guide you on how to communicate more effectively your needs with the medical team; how to deal with other parents' stories on childbirth; to sleep better;  morning sickness; fears of needles or contractions; relaxation;  finding your inner resources and skills for new parenthood; breastfeeding and anything you feel you need to know before the process of birth begins.

  What I Offer

Flexible classes/individual/ couples sessionsAntenatal Classes Confident Hypnobirthing

Either- at your own home or my therapy room

Within an hour long 4-session (+ if needed) course

Starting anytime you feel you need Hypnobirthing - until delivery.


Help After Birth

I offer individual or group help pre-delivery, working with you on any concern you may have (e.g. insomnia, anxiety, dealing with stress)

I also help moms post-delivery of their child, if they find themselves struggling with issues about confidence for parenthood, breastfeeding, challenges around bringing up a new baby, or dealing with multitasking while caring for other children.