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Welcome to Richmond Mind Tuning. It's likely that you landed on this website because something in your life or a person you know is not working for you or them and you are seeking some help to make the changes that you need.

Maybe it is that you want more meaningful relationships, or you are tired of feeling stuck by anxiety or stress. Or you want to let go of a worry and be less consumed by stress produced by your job, relationship or by general everyday worries.

Thinking about making changes precedes taking action, so acknowledge that you have taken an important first step simply by reading these words.



Is Richmond Mind Tuning for me?

In its essense,  you will be in an environment in which you are able to talk freely, to explore areas in your life that drag you down, and finally – to get help and find a solution to your problems. Therapy is a tool that helps you achieve more clarity and confidence in your life.

Through working with me, you can become more successful in your life as you will be fully supported and mentored. You will be helped to discover what strengts and resources you have within yourself that make you unique and  a more confident person.

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